Tips and tricks on how to clean you coffee machine properly!

cleaning-coffee-machineHave you ever thought how your coffee spills on the counter and all around your coffee maker damage your home environment? People think only about how maybe disgusting it might look and they totally ignore the health issues that come with those spots, which become a warm home for any kind of bacteria.

Different studies have shown that surprisingly enough, the coffee spills host even more germs and bacteria than the bathroom ones. So, how do you feel about leaving your best espresso machine dirty again?

But the thing is that a low maintained coffee maker does not only turn your kitchen into a very risky environment to leave and eat, but also, and more importantly, it really damages the good taste of the coffee drink per se. This happens due to blocked tubes and non-properly-working mechanisms due to dirt and other elements accumulated from the water.
That is why, cleaning your coffee machine in a regular basis and thoroughly is very much important.

We have created a nice list of advices on tricks and tips for best practices on cleaning the coffee maker:

  1. Every time you use your coffee machine, you should also remove and wash all removable parts of it. This will help to totally clean them from elements such as coffee grinds or oil. You can just hand wash them like you do with any other kitchen tool, using soap and water. Than you may leave them to dry out or even better, dry them using a cloth.
  2. If you see coffee spills on the hot plate or any other part of the coffee machine, including the counter, remember to immediately take a wet cloth and wipe it. Be careful of the hot temperature of the machine if in use. This way you will avoid that coffee burns or dries out and becomes a very difficult spot to clean.
  3. Than, once a month, you should decalcify the machine. What does this mean? You know that everywhere the water passes, it leaves behind small quantities of calcium, which over time becomes a hard material to get rid of. Thus, cleaning thoroughly your machine with this purpose is very useful to prolong its life and prevent any bad taste on coffee drinks. They say that the magical element that serves the case is white vinegar.

Pour one-third of white vinegar and two-thirds of water into the water container and start the machine. You need to let it work as usual, making sure no coffee grinds or filters are involved meanwhile. Than run the process again one or two times with just plain water to rinse out the vinegar.
The machine will be as good as new.

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