The Change in Parenting Over Time

parents-online-adviceWith the down of a modern era, as our lifestyles changed so did change our interaction with our kids and parenting techniques. Obviously, a lot have changed since I was a kid but it feels nice to know that there are certain factors that haven’t changed a bit and reminds you of your own cheerful memories. One of the major changes that I have noticed since I was a kid is society’s approval for stay-at-home dads or as I like to call us house bands.

With women taking equal part in every field of life and being able to provide for their families this change can be seen in a lot more families as compared to my childhood. Of course, there still are a lot of people out there who think that women should stay locked at home and men should be the breadwinners of the family but I am very hopeful that they will soon find a way out of the dark sexist corners of their brains. One can only imagine their confusion about same-sex couples that who should be the provider in those families. On this topic, I’m really disappointed how same-sex couples are never focused on in any advertising campaign like usual heterosexual couples are.

One of the major change that I have noticed between me and my kids’ childhood is, in my times, we use to focus more on outdoor activities for the sake of entertainment and we did had a lot of options back then but their focus is usually on indoor activities like video games, T.V and you all know the list. One of the main reasons for this change is the technological advancement in the entertainment industry and unavailability of parks and forests due to extensive movement of people to the urban areas.

I still try best to indulge my kids in outdoor sports and expect them to do the same with their kids. One of the major reasons which keep our kids from playing outside is the exhaustion from the daily-load of school homework they have to do. I can just tell by the weight of their school bags that a lot have changed in the education sector since I was a kid. I know, education is a preparation for the practical life but it seems unreasonable sometimes that instead of being a kid, they are working so they would work more in the future?

In our times, the only concern of our parents used to be our unnatural stamina to continuously watch television but now when we are in their shoes, we have to deal with I pads, smartphones, video games, and not forget television too.

You can’t blame them for getting more than half of their day wired with a computer or a laptop because they have to be I.T literate and live their lives with these current trends. All you can do is to show them what the outdoors have to offer and how they should moderately use technology for the sake of entertainment and networking.

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