• 18 Total notes - 9 per side in 2 different Pentatonic scales, like 2 drums in 1

  • Side 1 in F-Minor or F-Major or E-Minor - Side 2 in D-Minor or C-Major in D or D-Major

  • AISI 304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel that has been “Powder Coated with our exclusive Stardust Color - 13 Gauge (.0937” Thick) for increased note resonance and increased durability.

  • Excellent Sound Quality – Easy to play with fingers for both beginners and professionals alike - Slim – 5.5” (h) x 12” (dia) – Lightweight only 6.6 pounds

  • Includes: Soft Fleece Liner Bag, Heavy Duty Travel Bag, Double Ended Mallets, Instructional CD - Made with love and care in the Arizona Desert

  • *13 Gauge Steel (.0937”): which improves resonance, tuning longevity and overall durability over the thinner (.0781) 14 gauge used to make other drums of this type. *Stainless Steel: We use Surgical/Medical Grade Stainless steel that conforms to AISI specifications.*** *Resonance: The Parabolic resonance Chamber combined with our high quality 13 gauge steel creates a drum where the notes resonate for 6 to 10 seconds without sacrificing portability.** *Harmonics: The playing tabs are perfectly spaced for optimum playability and harmonics between the other notes.* * Versatile: Can be used for playing music, meditation as well as vibrational massage and Sound Therapy.* *Lightweight, for ease in transportation, without loss of sound- only 6.6 Lbs (3 Kilos)* *Slim Design so it will fit into your knapsack or rucksack - 5 1/2 inches total height by 12 inch diameter * * 18 tuned notes in a variety of scales with the most logical and friendly note layout* *Hexagonal notes to maximise the "sweet spot **** * PLEASE CHOOSE THE SCALES BEFORE YOU ORDER* SCALES: SIDE 1: F-Major or F-Minor or E-Minor - SIDE 2: D-Minor or C-Major in D or D-Major or give us the scale set you would like ****SOUND SAMPLES and more detailed info are on YOUTUBE under VIBEDRUMS-USA* **THE VIBEDRUM has been around since 2008 and has been produced in the USA the entire time. The sound quality of the drum is excellent and we have designed this drum to give optimal tones along with ease of portability. Each drum is hand tuned. The drum is being used extensively in Switzerland and Europe for massage therapy and energy healing in addition to its music making abilities. *Please contact us if you have any questions

    Stardust Stainless Steel Double VibeDrum – 18 Notes - S – in Various Scales - Handpan - Steel Tongue Drum - B0719F28MB

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    Stardust Stainless Steel Double VibeDrum – 18 Notes - S – in Various Scales - Handpan - Steel Tongue Drum - B0719F28MB

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