How to Make Father’s Day Special

From the time we are born to the time we are independent adults, our fathers are always there to provide for our every little need. You can’t understand the feeling of responsibility and dedication towards another human being until you are a father. I remember my father telling me that the moment he held me in his hands for the first time, was the moment he found his purpose in life. Your children, wife, and close friends can’t even remotely come close to the sincerity and selflessness towards your existence more than your parents. Parents have this natural instinct to take care of their offsprings whether they are human or any other species.


21st June is recognized as international father’s day and a lot of children whether old or young dedicate this day to appreciate years of endless love and dedication of their fathers for them. Even though your parents already know how much you love and care about them but dedicating a day for the sole purpose to reconnect with them is priceless and reassuring. I don’t know about others but the little handmade father’s day cards by my kids are always a world to me. If you are a resident of Edinburg and are planning for a perfect father’s day for your old pal then read on.

The best place to hang out with your dad is the Edinburg castle, where you can start off your activities by attending a choir in the Great Hall, where Dr. Elise Inglis’ WW1 committee members also share their experiences and stories throughout the day. You also get to watch two rare Regimental Colors on an exhibition that were acquired by the Royal Scots of 3rd Battalion during the Battle of Waterloo. After the extensive tour of the castle, you can stop by at the Whiskey and Finest Food Shop for Edinburgh Castle’s exclusive beer or sipping some finest Columba and Bruadar. I know the best time to share some good thoughts and old memories, is over a drink of whiskey- no doubts there. You can always stop by at the Red Coast Café or Queen Anne Tearoom for a nice lunch where you can choose from a large variety of mouthwatering foods they have to offer. You also get to have a great view of Edinburg while you are enjoying your meal. One more thing to mention is that you can always quote Father’s day while on your visit which will result in a complimentary coffee and cake offered by both of the above-mentioned restaurants. You can always buy the tickets for the castle on the spot but online ticket purchasing options are also available.

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