Personal Reviews

My Experience With Snoredoc

snoredocYes, I am one of those husbands that snore, but I am also trying to do something about it so I bought my first mouthpiece, and I was advised that it was the best snoring mouthpiece out there. When I first entered the SnoreDoc website, I initially was extremely impressed by everything this device had to offer. It has an airflow hole, uses a boil and bite molding method, and the design is as simple as a mouth guard. I was so enticed that after seeing the low price of $39.99, I had to order one to give it a shot.

I would learn the hard way that sometimes, things just seem too good to be true. I found this to be one of the most in-effective devices that I have ever purchased.


  • $39.99 Retail—one of the least expensive MADs on the market
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Quick & Easy boil and bite custom fit
  • Front airflow hole for mouth breathing
  • Soft rubber texture for comfort against gums and lips
  • Simple design for easy cleaning
  • FDA Cleared
  • Better Business Bureau accredited


  • No adjustments of lower jaw position
  • Airflow hole is very small—makes mouth breathing very difficult and creates an annoying whistling sound.
  • Bulkier than many other MADs causing soreness and difficulty falling asleep
  • The website claims the device has been clinically proven to be effective, but studies are not available to see.

My Experience

The price of the SnoreDoc is low and I think the price directly reflects the quality. My personal experience was poor with this device, it was not comfortable and I found it difficult to breathe easily. A great choice for the budget shopper but ultimately I don’t recommend the SnoreDoc.

The SnoreDoc is a Mandibular Advancement Device and functions by holding your lower jaw while you sleep. This functions to keep your airways free of any obstructions to stop the mild vibrations that causes snoring.

When they function properly to do this, than you are able to sleep better, your partner sleeps better, and you improved your quality of health. However, after this one I found that they are definitely not all the same.

The mouthpiece looks small when you look at it on the website. But when mine arrived in the mail I found it to be much larger than it was shown. It is an excessively bulkier MAD. I cleaned them, then I did the boil and bite method to fit it into my mouth. This didn’t help with the bulkiness.

I put it on when I went to sleep that night. I woke up with drool all over my chest, and a wide awake wife. I asked her “Was I still snoring?” and she replied with “No, it was worse…” I was confused….”That mouth piece makes a loud whistling noise and it was worse than your snoring!”.

My Advice

There are plenty of other MAD’s out on the market today. They may not be at this low of a price, but when your looking for a anti-snoring mouthpiece, you need to know that—cheap is never better. Or at least in my experience it hasn’t been.

Sure if you on a strict budget this may be the one for you, but if your looking for results that you are going to be comfortable with. This isn’t the one for you.